YOU love your dog....

...but you sure don't love having to clean up the mess in your yard. It's a nasty job and you have better things to do with your time.
But Somebody has to clean up that "stuff"...
...but that somebody doesn't have to be YOU!



“Stuff” to Think About!

Do your kids sometimes bring in that “stuff” from the yard on the bottom of their shoes or bare feet?

Have you ever felt that squishy feeling between your toes when you walk barefoot through the “stuff” in your yard?

Do your remember how tough it is to clean all that “stuff” off your shoes when you step in it?

With the small children, have you seen them pick up “stuff” and ask, “What’s this?”

Do you often mow over that “stuff” thinking that it will just disappear?

Do you realize that in the winter, snow may cover the “stuff” over but it doesn’t go away?

Do your neighbor’s dogs leave that “stuff” in your yard and you refuse to pick it up yourself?

Does your dog run around sometimes and bring that “stuff” in on it's paws into your home... and carpeting... and furniture?

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